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Hysan Dax is from Libra and is also it's Guardian. He is the love interest of Rhoma Grace, the protagonist of the books Zodiac.

About[edit | edit source]

Hysan Dax is the young diplomatic envoy from House Libra who attends Rho's swearing-in ceremony on Oceon 6, where she is officially crowned Guardian of the Fourth House, Cancer.

When the festivities end, Rho comes face to face with a legendary monster and learns a harrowing truth: There was a Thirteenth House in the Zodiac Universe...and now its Guardian has returned, his icy heart set on revenge.

Rho discovers Ophiuchus's next targets and sets off to warn the threatened Houses. Her Guide, Lodestar Mathias Thais, hastily commandeers a visiting bullet-ship for their journey--a ship that turns out to belong to Hysan, the Equinox or the 'Nox.

And he also happens to be on board.

Hysan agrees to escort Rho and Mathias to the other Houses. While Rho is grateful for his help, and even feels herself drawn to his good looks and Libran charm, she's also wary of what she spies in hiseyes....

Secrets. Lots of them.


Hysan is the technical Guardian of the Seventh House, Libra. However, he used an android, Lord Neith as his cover. Very few people know of this fact, but Rhoma Grace is one of the few trusted. In Wandering Star, the second book, Lord Neith tries to convince Rho help Hysan destroy him. Miss Trii, Hysan's android upbringer,inggreed to disassemble Lord Neith should Hysan disagree. Later, Hysan is sedated and tied to a bomb by a Marad follower. Hysan cleverly deactivates the bomb through the Psy. Hysan quickly embraces Lord Neith and, in that moment, Rho realizes that Hysan could never let go of Lord Neith, though sometimes letting go is the best gesture of love.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hysan Dax is described to have golden hair with white streaks along with green eyes and a low tan skin. Like all Librans, one of Hysan's irises has a small scanner at a corner, similar to a Wave on house Cancer.

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