"Don't fear what you can't touch" - Stanton to Rho

Stanton Grace is Rhoma Grace's older brother. He was rejected from Zodai University. He worked on one of Cancer's 4 moons, Thebe.

On his tenth birthday, he was attacked by a Maw. He was rescued by his mother and survived after his father sucked the poison out of his wound. Before Kassandra left, she left instructions for him to follow and Stanton was tasked with bringing Rho up. Stanton was closer to their father than Rho was. He takes after his dad with his love for fishing.

He was killed by Aryll when the Marad attacked the group on Pisces.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Stan is described to be tanned, with blond curly hair like most Cancrians, and greenish blue eyes.

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