House Virgo
Dates August 23 - September 22
House 6th
Word For Guardian Empress
Word For Zodai Minister
Color Pink
Element Earth
Strength Sustenance

The Constellation[edit | edit source]

The Maiden constellation boasts one planet, ten planetoids, and two moons, making House Virgo the most widespread constellation in the Zodiac. Its planet Tethys is a massive green-and-brown sphere with rolling hills that stretch to every horizon, creating an ocean of grain. The capital city is veiled by Virgo’s mirage technology, and only those with the access code can enter. On the other side of the veil, the Virgo capital emerges like a silver needle shooting into the sky, allowing maximum acreage for growing grain. Virgo’s dozen planetoids and moons were also converted for agriculture, to supply the Zodiac’s ever-expanding demand. Every House in the galaxy buys Virgo grain.

The People[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

House Virgo represents Sustenance. Its people are organized, practical, shrewd, and analytical, and can be obsessive, anal-retentive, and pedantic. Virgos are control freaks who like to be self-sufficient — that’s why their gift is knowing the secrets of the earth. Humanity’s most basic need for survival is sustenance, and their control over this need ensures that Virgos are truly independent and do not need to rely on others. They export more and import fewer goods and services than any other House, and their veil keeps them safe from unwanted visitors.

Physically[edit | edit source]

Virgos are the most uniform-looking group in the Zodiac. They are olive-skinned with eyes the color of moss. In youth, Virgo hair spans shades of brown that grow iron-gray with age. Popular fashion dictates that most men wax the ends of their mustaches into curlicues.

Their succinct speech is fastidious and fast-paced, and you hear a French-ish accent.

The Technology[edit | edit source]

Virgos carry around a book-like digital device called a Perfectionary, with which they rarely part. The Perfectionary stores schedules, notes, photographs, diary entries—everything that has any value to Virgos — and it even has an opening for users to insert samples of soil, seeds, fertilizers, etc., for later analysis.

The Government[edit | edit source]

House Virgo is a benevolent dictatorship. Empress Moira rules all of Virgo. She is a passive monarch who allows her people to police themselves and only interferes when cases are brought before her. Given their controlling nature, Virgos find it impossible to submit to someone else’s command. Therefore, the government ensures that every household has access to food, water, housing, and education, but Guardian Moira allows her people to make their own decisions about all other aspects of their lives. She has only two commands: Everyone must contribute in some capacity to growing grain, and no Virgo will interfere with the pursuit of happiness of any other.

The Guardian[edit | edit source]

Empress Moira Willow — The galaxy’s foremost expert on the Psy, or the Collective Conscious, and one of the most beloved Guardians in the Zodiac. As of the attack on Tethys, Empress Moira is in critical condition.

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